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Why turn Doula services away from woman who needed

I have noticed that majority of doulas denied services because the woman is 35 weeks pregnant. They unfortunately are focused on the money factor here. They know that they have to provide full services to be able to charge the normal rate for services. Some Doulas may not even engage with clients who cannot afford Doula services but is obvious that they are in need of support.

We'll let me tell you that you have the right to feel upset to be turned away, because most doulas would say am sorry am completely booked on the month of your delivery, but in reality, they just do not want to provide services for woman close to delivery date.

For example, a woman with low-income status was denied Doula services due to the place of residence. Doulas live up to a certain standard and refuse to go places where the quality of life is very low. Some doulas do not provide genuine care.

But I have great news for you! here at Reyes Doula services We genuinely care for all of our expectant families. It does not matter their social status. We have worked endlessly to be both affordable and accessible to all clients with all financial statutes.

Whether you are low income living in low poverty areas or you live in middle- or high-class statuses. We provide high quality of care without judging you or your surroundings.

If you are a woman seeking Doula services and are on your 3rd trimester and have experienced denials due to being too far in your pregnancy, come see us. We do not turn away any expectant mother whether you are 5 weeks pregnant or 36 weeks pregnant or even 40 weeks pregnant, I will still provide high level of care that you deserve. I will take you in and nurture you and support you until my services are no longer needed.

Everyone deserves high quality services no matter how much money they woman has paid. whether is $0 or $2,000 out of pocket, services will be rendered the same.

For those expectant families with health insurance or no health insurance at all, I will provide the same level of care and meet all of your service needs regarding birth doula services.

Do not feel that you cannot approach Reyes Doula Services, LLC because the money $$$ factor is on the way! I encourage all expectant families to reach out whether you have the money or not. I will make myself available to you and your needs.

I offer payment plans that will fit any budget and currently accepting United Healthcare for insurance payments as well.

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