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Reduce Infant Mortality Rates

According to Shelby County Health Department Statistics. Since 2023 there has been 5.480 deaths per 1000 live births. There is a 1.21% decline from 2022 in The US. In 2022 was 5.547 deaths per 1000 live births, a 1.19% decline from 2021 in the US. This shows that every year there is a decrease on fetal and infant deaths. Doula services are highly important to educate and inform of your rights for decision making as well as obtaining resources necessary to reduce the level of stress during pregnancy as well as knowing what to expect all throughout your pregnancy, followed by a group of support that includes the doula but primarily your love ones involved in your journey to becoming a mother.

Why is US infant mortality so high?

Lock resources, information, poverty, inadequate prenatal care and access to health coverage within the underserved. For example A high risk pregnancy whom is denied coverage can lead and result to a higher death risk as oppose to someone who's health risk are not compromised and health coverage are affortable and available to them.

At Reyes Doula Services we are dedicated to providing information, education and support to expectant families with informed consent, prenatal care information, pregnancy milestone education and much more. We provide support to not only the mom to be but also those in the fasmily involved in the journey. We believe that by having a great support system will help aliviate the level of stress in the expectant mom to reduce the fetal and infant mortality rates.

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